Cashback is a very popular bonus used by online casinos to keep players hooked….cashback is awarded on the amount you lose, normally the difference between your wins and losses minus any bonuses. The Cash Back program rewards players simply for casino gambling.

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KAJOT Casino offers three types of Cashback!

1) Cashback under the Loyalty Program

Hot news from KAJOT….from their next software update in July, every player who deposits and plays at KAJOT will be entitled to 5% Cashback in the next month.  This used to be after 3 months, so that change is welcomed by us.

2) Cashback under the VIP Club

Players who are invited to join the VIP Club will be entitled to 10% Cashback in the following month.  We’ve heard from KAJOT that another VIP Club is soon to be introduced where players will get 15% Cashback!  Watch this space for more info….

3) EXTRA Cashback Bonus

this is actually a hybrid of Deposit bonus and Cashback…..Player who deposit and play on the promotion day will get 10, 20 or 25% EXTRA Cashback Bonus credited to their account on the following day.  Being a bonus as opposed to a ‘normal’ cashback, there are wagering requirements of 30 times the amount awarded.

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ESB Points replace the classic cashback.  You can earn up to 10% with every bet on certain games.  Once you have 100 points, you can convert them into cash….without wagering requirements.  And the good thing is that you earn ESB point if you win or lose.

Should you be unlucky today, you will get another bonus right the next day in the form of FREE SPINS, up to 100 FREE SPINS!